It has been a hectic couple of months for me. Moved house, waited for far too long to get a new Internet connection – 4 weeks! I live within 10km of the CBD.

Then I spent a month in Europe.

Hopefully everything has settled down and I will be able to post a bit more regularly. Work is not too intense either – and I have an interesting project I am working on involving some Cisco CGRs and CGSs. I will try and write a post about my experiences with the CGR and CGS.

I haven’t done much hands-on network configuration for the last year or so as much job is mostly higher level stuff these days, so it will be good to get back on-tools.

Hopefully I will also get to do a few posts about some of the more basic networking topics. I have a few ideas I really should have written about before I dived into the MPLS posts – but the MPLS side of things is just much more interesting (to me anyway).

Anyhow, more coming soon – hopefully.

Tom out.



Tom has kindly asked that I contribute to Etherhex, which of course, I immediately accepted.

Tom and I used to work with each other and even despite moving to different places we are still drawn to asking questions around networking.

To begin with I want to focus my input to Etherhex around the day to day of what a network engineer in our position comes up against. In the line of work that we do we often have to have an understanding of the end app to both design and operate the network. Often the network is blamed which means we need to gather the appropriate information to see if it is us or not. For this I can not stress the benefit of having a solid Network Management System (NMS).

So, watch this space in the New Year!