6807-XL – No DC love…for now?

A couple of months ago, I did a post about some new equipment. The other day I finally had a chance to spec up a 6807-XL for a project.

I noticed something a little sad…no DC power supplies.

However, it’s a bit odd. While the only power supply available is a 3000W AC supply (part number: C6800-XL-3KW-AC). The datasheet states that the input voltage options are 100 to 240VAC and -48 to -60VDC.

So what does that mean? A DC power supply is in the works? A copy and paste error from a previous datasheet? I’m hoping the former. But for now, I have to specify inverters on site…

New tech: ISR4451-X, 6800

Discovered a couple of new bits of Cisco equipment last week. The ISR 4451-X and the 6800 series switch. Actually I lie, Bruce noticed them and sent me an email. But anyway, they sound interesting.

ISR 4451-X

The 4451-X is positioned somewhere above the existing upper end ISR G2s and below an ASR1001. It runs IOS-XE which we can pretty much expect from all non-SP equipment these days. The pricing sits in a similar range, the quote I got from my reseller was a few thousand above a 3945 and a few thousand less than a ASR1002. Note I was just looking at the chassis and IOS; no extra PSUs or interfaces etc.

This device seems to fit in a high intensity WAN end-site/large remote office. I don’t see myself buying any in the near future, but they fill a nice hole in the existing ISR-G2 range.

Catalyst 6800 Series Switches

This I found far more interesting. Firstly, I wasn’t really expecting anything in this space. Don’t know why, the 6500-E series chassis are now about 8 years old. But on the other hand the SUP-2T is only 2 years old. I expect (or is it hope?) that Cisco will support the 6500s for some time yet.

The new 6800 comes in some different sizes to the old 6500s, from smaller form factor aggregation units 6880-Xs and larger 7-slot chassis 6807-XL. I assume there will be other sizes later.

They offer Cisco’s SDN (onePK) for those who are interested, and LISP and VPLS. LISP I am quite keen to give a try, the VPLS I am just curious if it will actually work this time.

What’s really interesting is the 6800ia – which looks like a Nexus-2000-type-FEX-for-the-campus. The ability to have a single (well, probably dual) configuration point at your aggregation layer and have port-extenders for floor switches seems really neat. It makes sense to bring a data-centre technology that works well out into the campus.

Curiously, they say this will work with 6500s! Which would be nice, but they don’t say what IOS you need to be running. I am a little pessimistic about these things, so I am guessing they need to run an IOS that hasn’t been released yet (ie, the marketing people jumped the gun). But that’s just me.

Definitely keen to get my hands on some of these.