Happy First!

Happy first anniversary!

Well, and 2 days. But near enough.

It’s been a full year (and two days) since I was upset enough about finding that Cisco had killed off “do write” that I decided to post about it.

It seems fitting, that just last week as part of the POC that I have written about previously I discovered a new and untold horror. It wasn’t enough for Cisco to simply remove the “do write” command – they have now also removed that far inferior “do copy run start” command and choose to gloat about it too:

Switch(config)#do wr mem 
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker. 
Switch(config)#do copy run start
copy not allowed in config mode or submode

This was taken off a CGS-2520 running 12.2.58(EY).

Bah! DAMNIT! What is your rage against writing from config mode Cisco!?

Anyway, in other slightly interesting anniversary type news here are some random statistics from the site.

Most popular article goes to: Bruce’s random mumblings about something to do with netsh. This is by far and away the most popular article so far. Over 10 times more read then the next most popular article which is about as close to a literary masterpiece as an article on MPLS-TE can be; at least that’s what I think.

Over the year we have been slowly gaining more visitors which seems to have slowed down a bit in November. Hopefully that continues into next year.

The average visitor views about 1.38 pages and spends about a minute (59 seconds) on the site. Google is the main source of traffic.

Thoughts and future

I started site to try to motivate myself to keep on doing some prac work in GNS3 when my job changed from a hands-on network engineer to a hands-off consultant. For the most part, I think I have accomplished this goal. I need to try to keep doing that next year.

I thought I would be posting about once a fortnight when I started. I didn’t actually do a bad job – 22 posts in 12 months. That included several months in the start of the year where I had no internet while I waited for the ISP to set up the connection in the new house and while I was travelling in Europe. Hopefully I can keep that up. The posting thing. Though the Europe thing was good too. The ISP failing at setting up a connection I can probably go without.

I have also been enjoying documenting my POC experiences recently and plan on posting some more about that in the next few months. Any new posts I add to that will be put in the POC-1 tag.

So, here’s to another year!





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