The POC – Day #1

So quite a while back I mentioned that I had a new project coming up, using some CGRs and CGSs. Well, after what appears to be about 6 months of procurement issues, racking issues and power issues – just to name a few, the Proof of Concept lab is now beginning to approach something that resembles a decent set up.

As I mentioned it my last post on the topic, I don’t do too much hands on stuff in my current role, so I have been looking forward to this.

Today I managed to get my first couple of hours in the POC in the afternoon. Here’s a pic of what the setup currently looks like:

POC - Day 1

The setup is:

  • 10XCGR-2010 – These act as the distribution layer, or as near as you can in this set up – there are constraints with fibre and co-locations etc, but they are a “sort of” distribution layer.
  • 50xCGS-2520 – Access layer, two at each site, 25 sites.
  • 2xME-3600 – Core layer or more of a “distribution of distribution layers”.
  • 2xASA-5510 – erm, yep, they are firewalls – being used as firewalls. Bet you didn’t see that coming

I’ll hopefully post more about the details of the setup over the next while.

So, things I learnt today:

In-rush current is a pain

Yeah, we thought we could have 2 CGS switches off a single 3 amp breaker to save on breakers. Not so much, the in rush current when the CGS2520s start up is apparently too much, so off goes the breaker. Now we have disconnected half the switches and need to get more breakers.

Installing optics is still a pain

We got the technicians to rack in most of the equipment, but I’m putting in the optics. It always takes longer than I remember. It gets worse too, couldn’t find a pair of scissors in the test facility either, damn it. Opening optics with a pair of side cutters. Yep. That happened. Hence why there is only about 40 optics installed in the picture above. *sigh*

Licensing, is an even bigger pain

Pretty sure last time I ordered through this reseller they had preloaded all the licenses on the routers I bought. But no, got a bunch of paper licenses that we had to log in to Cisco, get the license number and the serial number for the router. *sigh* Oh, and the Cisco website had some issue so could only get 7 of the 11 licenses today (there is 11 CGRs total, 1 spare).

And also, 1 of the licenses was missing, as was one mounting kit and one power supply cover.

Upgrading IOS will be even worse still

Yep…there is 50 switches with IPBase installed that I need to upgrade to IPServices. That’s going to be fun. Unfortunately I can’t drink on this job…seriously, resellers, preload that shit for us!

My nix skills are apparently now rubbish

If you ignore Android and IOS, I haven’t touched a *nix device in about 5 years. In my current situation I can’t get a work computer with admin rights – so I am running a live linux distro – specifically: Network Security Toolkit. I ended up choosing that over Backtrack. This is really worth a post in itself – which I will try to do over the next few days. So yeah…I am a little rustic on the ol’ Linux – so this will be good for me to get up to speed again.

Well, that’s it for day 1 of the  POC. Will try and post some more soon.


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