The POC – Day #3

No post for POC Day #2. Ended up only having a couple of hours in the afternoon where I installed the last of the optics and that was pretty much it.

Today I had most of the day set aside for it, so I made a bit more progress getting it all set up. We are still having some issues with fibre and power. Only approximately half the fibre patch cables arrived – some went on back order unfortunately and no new circuit breakers just yet. So still only about 8 devices powered on (of about 60).

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The POC – Day #1

So quite a while back I mentioned that I had a new project coming up, using some CGRs and CGSs. Well, after what appears to be about 6 months of procurement issues, racking issues and power issues – just to name a few, the Proof of Concept lab is now beginning to approach something that resembles a decent set up.

As I mentioned it my last post on the topic, I don’t do too much hands on stuff in my current role, so I have been looking forward to this.

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6807-XL – No DC love…for now?

A couple of months ago, I did a post about some new equipment. The other day I finally had a chance to spec up a 6807-XL for a project.

I noticed something a little sad…no DC power supplies.

However, it’s a bit odd. While the only power supply available is a 3000W AC supply (part number: C6800-XL-3KW-AC). The datasheet states that the input voltage options are 100 to 240VAC and -48 to -60VDC.

So what does that mean? A DC power supply is in the works? A copy and paste error from a previous datasheet? I’m hoping the former. But for now, I have to specify inverters on site…