It has been a hectic couple of months for me. Moved house, waited for far too long to get a new Internet connection – 4 weeks! I live within 10km of the CBD.

Then I spent a month in Europe.

Hopefully everything has settled down and I will be able to post a bit more regularly. Work is not too intense either – and I have an interesting project I am working on involving some Cisco CGRs and CGSs. I will try and write a post about my experiences with the CGR and CGS.

I haven’t done much hands-on network configuration for the last year or so as much job is mostly higher level stuff these days, so it will be good to get back on-tools.

Hopefully I will also get to do a few posts about some of the more basic networking topics. I have a few ideas I really should have written about before I dived into the MPLS posts – but the MPLS side of things is just much more interesting (to me anyway).

Anyhow, more coming soon – hopefully.

Tom out.

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