Deranged Ravings #1

This is a new category I am going to try and post to on occasion. Every now and then you read something in a text book or blog, or hear something in a presentation that just makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking. Some weird idea that is stated as a plain and obvious fact despite the fact it makes no god damn sense.

Here’s one I remember from when I was studying for my CCNA from one of the Cisco CCNA text books – and even worse it was in one of their online exams!

What is the primary benefit of wireless?

You might think – mobility? Employee satisfaction? Guest access?

Nope. Cost savings.

Cost. Savings.

Are you shitting me. Never in your wildest dreams will that work out.

The idea is obviously to save money on cabling (ignoring the fact that you have to cable all the APs anyway, and don’t forget the air monitors). And you will never get the user density on wireless. And the wireless equipment is expensive. And you will need an expensive as shit controller. And the AP licenses. And you don’t get the speeds or usability of a wired network on wireless. And it is a nightmare to fault find.

Yeah. Cost Savings.

Screw you guys.




It has been a hectic couple of months for me. Moved house, waited for far too long to get a new Internet connection – 4 weeks! I live within 10km of the CBD.

Then I spent a month in Europe.

Hopefully everything has settled down and I will be able to post a bit more regularly. Work is not too intense either – and I have an interesting project I am working on involving some Cisco CGRs and CGSs. I will try and write a post about my experiences with the CGR and CGS.

I haven’t done much hands-on network configuration for the last year or so as much job is mostly higher level stuff these days, so it will be good to get back on-tools.

Hopefully I will also get to do a few posts about some of the more basic networking topics. I have a few ideas I really should have written about before I dived into the MPLS posts – but the MPLS side of things is just much more interesting (to me anyway).

Anyhow, more coming soon – hopefully.

Tom out.