Extending your OSPF Domain through MPLS

This post is about extending your OSPF routing domain through a VRF in a MPLS backbone. If you are unfamiliar with the MPLS side of things check the previous post out. This post only focuses on the PE/CE side of things, it assumes that a working MPLS backbone has been set up.

Then you have the choice of if you plan on using the MPLS link as a primary link or as a backup.

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Bruce’s thoughts on Fault Finding

Fault finding is an incredibly subjective topic, I can’t think of the perfect fault finding process but there are a number of hints and best practices that a network engineer will pick up over time. From my recent TSHOOT studies, Cisco defines the fault finding process as:

  • Define the Problem
  • Gather Information
  • Analyse Information
  • Eliminate Possible Problem Causes
  • Formulate a Hypothesis
  • Test Hypothesis
  • Solve the Problem

This is a good position to start discussing my thoughts about fault finding issues in a network.

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